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Thanks for wanting to learn more! We hope you find the answers to your questions, but if not, please email us at: contact@creeksports.com


When does Registration Open?
Registration for football is open approximately 4/1-6/15.  Please join our email list to be notified about registration and other important football information. Placement will not be guranteed once late registration begins. Players will be placed only if there is need on a roster.

What is the cost to register for football this season?
Fees for the 2021 season are $350.00. Late registration fees increase by $50.00.  Fees include the preseason camp in July. Fees do not include equipment or uniform.

What documentation do I need to play football?
If your child did not play for the same Bruins football team last season or they are a new player to CCYS, you will be required to furnish a copy of your child's birth certificate and proof of their grade in school for the upcoming fall, to your coach before the first week of practices. Without validation of your child's grade and age, he cannot be weighed-in and placed on the official roster.

What is the age cut off for teams?
Cherry Creek Bruins Football participates in the Arapahoe Youth League. The League rules specify that players compete in the grade level they are in for the upcoming school year, or at the age they are as of 5/31. So, if your child is in the 5th grade that is their division, or if they are 10 on May 31st, he would play in the 10 year old age group (5th grade) that year.

Can I pick my child's team?
The Bruins accept team and teammate requests however, our primary goal is the best experience for all the players in our community, which means there are cases where we can't fulfill every request. To insure maximum playing time, we avoid placing too many players on one team. Competitive balance of our CFC and AFC teams are also a factor we consider. At the NFC level, coaches pick their roster and have a limited number of slots. Out of territory players are also a consideration for all teams as those numbers are capped. Safety is also a factor in placement.

What equipment is required?

2 CREEK Game Jerseys: Home BLUE and Away WHITE
Helmet: white with a blue or grey facemask, NOCSAE certified
Mouthguard - Colored, can not be clear
Shoulder Pads
Integrated Pants or Pants with a Girdle - check with your coach for game color
There are many optional pads, gloves, etc that are not required but allowed

How many practices will there be per week?
The amount of practices is dependent on the age and level of team of your player.  In general during the pre-season, teams can have up to 2 - 4 activity periods per week.  This can be 4 practices, three practices and a scrimmage event, etc.  Once the season begins, teams practices may be limited depending on their age. Coaches pick their time and location (based on availability) and will communicate schedules once they are set. Most coaches will not have their regular season practice schedule until a few weeks prior to the practice season start. 

When will practice be?
Your coach will notify you of practice days/times/locations.  Only fully registered players will be assigned to rosters and contacted by coaches.All fields are within CCYS territory. Please be aware that teams practice at various times and locations based on the availability of practice fields.  Unfortunately, we can not guarantee practice times or days. Weather cancellations and coach’s schedules can result in an inconsistent practice schedules.  

Are there any other scheduled team activities?
There is also an optional non-contact/non-activity 'chalk-talk' to view film or go over plays that can be held. Beginning at 3rd grade, the NFC level teams also have the option to have a non-contact, non-pads walk through of plays instead of a chalk talk.  

How many games will be played?
A regular AYL season schedule consists of eight games. Teams may qualify for the post season playoffs and play up to four more games.
Teams will have home and away games. Home games are on our local fields (Willow Creek, Village Greens) and away games are on other club’s fields (Parker, Denver, Littleton, Highlands Ranch, Castle Rock, Aurora, etc.)

What are weigh-ins?  Why are they used?
Every player for the Bruins (and the AYL) must be weighed in prior to competing in games and being placed on an official roster.  The AYL weigh-ins are held one Saturday in August and are mandatory for all players.  The Football league of the AYL is a "Weight Restricted" league with two weight classifications at all ages except 8th grade. These classifications are "Backfield/No Patch" and "Single Patch". The AYL conducts a formal Weigh-In before the regular season begins to determine the official weight of each player participating in the league. Players whose weight is determined to be at or below the limit for "Backfield" may participate at any position on the team at any time of the game. Players weighing in at "Single Patch" level are restricted to start every play of the game from the offensive or defensive line of scrimmage. These restrictions were developed to ensure the maximum safety of all participants and are designed to minimize the occurrence of high-speed collisions between players of disparate weights. The AYL uses many inputs to determine the changes in weight limits, including the growth charts prepared by the National Center for Health Statistics. Our weight limits are reviewed annually and will be changed when indicators have increased from the prior year. 


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